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Kriton Artos

Traditional Cretan Rusks

These classical Cretan rusks are an ambrosial, healthy proposal that offers professionals an extra qualitative and flawless product, recommended for daily use, instead of fresh bread. They are the perfect solution for unique appetizers and salads, like Cretan Ntakos, for buffets or hotel breakfasts.

Traditional Cretan Rusks

2 kg

Barley rusk

Wheat rusk

Eftazymo rusk with sourdough

Barley bagels

κριθαροκουλουρα κριθινο αλευρι

500 g

Mini barley rusk

Mini wheat rusks with sundried tomato

Wholegrain rusks with 4 cereals and carob

Mini rusks with olive oil

Mini rusks with graviera and feta

Barley bagels with flaxseed