Cretan Diet

Retrospective on Cretan Diet

Journey to the timeless values of Cretan tradition

Rusks have been matched with the Cretan diet. Being known from the Minoan era as disilicate bread, has marked the Greek food culture. Studiers of the famous Minoan civilization even argue that the Minoans were consuming rusks in their diet, as it was the only way to have food that was kept during their long journeys.

Crete has one of the most delicious culinary traditions since ancient times. A tradition of perfumes, materials, flavors and techniques starting from prehistoric times until today. The most important nutrient is olive oil, which is the main source of fat for both Cretans and people of the Mediterranean.

It is certain that the excellent health and longevity of Cretans is due to not only their traditional diet, that undoubtedly deserves to be followed, but also to the quality of products, which are usually produced by them.

The Cretan ``Dakos``

The perfect combination of health and taste

The Cretan dakos, an integral part of the Cretan diet, a nutritional model that contains deliciousness and protects health, is the simplest composition of ingredients where the aroma of olive oil dominates: a round barley bun, chopped tomato, genuine Cretan sauerkraut, oregano and of course olive oil. Based on the barley gourd, we can develop new ideas by adding new ingredients to the dacos, but always keeping its healthy character and pure flavours.

The cretan barley round rusk

There are over 20 species of barley round rusks. Some are hard, others are soft with more or less barley flour, all suitable for our snack. The best, with the round hole in the middle where the top of the other ingredients spread out comfortably and irrigate with their liquid hard barley rusks making it so soft.


The main ingredient is coarse tomato. Mature and ruddy. And of course with oregano, mint, dill or whatever you like.


The most classic dish of the Cretan barley rusks is “xinomyzithra” ( sour white soft cheese) . But it can easily be done with small pieces of feta, katiki Domokos (white cheese of Central Greece) or cream cheese. Choose the flavor that fits you.

Olive oil

Pour the dakos with a few drops of olive oil. Put the remaining ingredients on top and re-roll oil: healthy ingredients the wonderful aroma and flavor.κο με μερικές σταγόνες ελαιόλαδο. Βάλτε τα υπόλοιπα υλικά από πάνω και ξαναρίξτε το τέλειο λάδι: με τα συστατικά της υγείας του αλλά και το υπέροχο άρωμά του και τη γεύση του.

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