Research and Development

Kriton Artos is a dynamic company in the field of traditional Cretan pastries, constantly enriching its range of products. The company’s central authority and philosophy is to create innovative, high-quality, tasty and 100% natural products based on the model of the Cretan Mediterranean diet, establishing the leading positions in consumer preference. Mapping the needs and requirements of modern market, Kriton Artos has invested in the creation of an organized Research and New Product Development Division as ally in achieving the strategic objectives and the constant struggle to respond quickly and effectively to market challenges both in Greece and abroad.

The Research & Development department is constantly looking for new ideas to develop innovative high nutritional value products always based on the principles of the Cretan Mediterranean diet, but without any compromise in taste and enjoyment!

Also, redesigned all the company’s products, using only 100% natural ingredients and raw materials, traditional recipes and production methods, offering the consumer the best and highest nutritional value.
We have upgraded the packaging of all rusk products using new high quality packaging materials, with high barriers, zero air and moisture permeability and with emphasis on the origin of our rusks – PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and the preservation of all traditional production methods.

The new product development group is composed of the CEO, the Commercial Director, the Production Manager, the Production Supervisor, the Quality Manager and a Specialized external consultant with extensive experience in production of bakery products and in Total quality management.

The creation of new products is caused by market signals, preferences and needs of consumers and Kriton Artos customers to produce Private Label products. The aim is to continuously improve and ensure stable and high quality using the experience and achievements of science and technology in the production process and packaging. Proof of the above is the creation of innovative and highly popular products such as MIKIO, for instance.

The Basic philosophy of the product development team for overseas markets is to adapt, without discounts, the experience and tradition of Crete and Cretan Mediterranean diet in consumer habits and needs of each market.

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